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Burglar Alarm Systems

Thanks to professionally installed burglar alarm systems, your home and workplace are always safe! We offer state of the art intrusion alarm systems for both residential and commercial properties. We undertake the installation and maintenance of these systems. In order to ensure the security of your home and workplace and to protect your commercial property and personnel at all times, we install your latest and superior performance burglar alarm systems at the addresses you specify, and provide instant support with our technical team whenever you wish or in case of any problem.


You can choose one of the burglar alarm systems in wired or wireless forms for your home or workplace. You can make the choice according to your needs and expectations. The first thing to consider when choosing is the system setup. While the wireless intrusion system is quite simple to install, the wired burglar alarm system is a bit more complex and challenging. In addition, the problem of wires being seen everywhere in the property is not present in the wireless system. Since the batteries of the wireless alarm system need to be changed at certain intervals, it is more costly than the wired system. However, since the installation phase is more sophisticated in the wired system, the initial cost is higher in the wired system. State-of-the-art wireless burglar alarm systems are as reliable as wired systems. It is much more flexible thanks to its features such as adding additional sensors and devices. If you want to change or upgrade your burglar alarm system in your home or workplace, you can contact us. We can install a new control panel or install sensors on your old burglar alarm system. In this way, you can experience the comfort of being integrated into the new system without bearing the cost of the new device.


Our burglar alarm systems are smart systems. It has many controllable and accessible systems such as entering a code on the keypad, using key fobs, activating the proximity tag. With a mobile application that you can install on your smart devices such as smartphones and tablets, you can monitor and control your burglar alarm systems anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the notification feature, you will be notified as soon as the alarm is triggered.

Explains the Commercial Security Systems

Burglar alarm systems preferred for businesses can be used in every commercial enterprise regardless of small, large, retail or wholesale. System installation, information and periodic maintenance are done by our company. Commercial customers are provided with an insurance certified burglar security system. Thus, companies are secured.







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