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IoT, which is called the internet of things, is the communication of devices with sensors with their own IP addresses over the network. In the communication established, mutual information is received, analyzed and wise decisions are made. It reduces human-human and human-computer interaction roles in IoT. Thanks to IoT, devices can interact and communicate with each other, make necessary warnings, and act proactively.


Frequently used at home; Wearable technology products such as coffee machines, smart watches, lighting systems, smart televisions and almost all electronic devices have IoT technology.


IoT technology provides the opportunity to monitor all the beneficial elements that the technology offers us, simultaneously remotely, high-precision automation service and adaptation to all environmental conditions.


What are the Uses of IoT ?

There are 3 main IoT areas: factory, smart home systems and city systems.


1. Industry

Industrial IoT stands out as a natural extension of SCADA (data-based control and surveillance system) technology. The SCADA system is used in different energy facilities as well as in production facilities such as food and automotive.


Thanks to IoT technology, all production stages can be inspected from a center, production data can be collected and production stages can be intervened instantly.


2. Smart Home Systems

One of the most important usage areas of IoT applications is smart home systems. In the IoT system, when a person enters the room with a smart lighting system, a command can be given to turn on the lamps. With the command created, the system discovers that the person always sits at the same point when someone enters the room, and as a solution to this, it increases the intensity of the light in that area and adjusts the light distribution throughout the room accordingly.

3. Smart Cities

Many uses of the IoT system are offered for both social order and city management. It is encountered in many areas from fire alarm systems to smart public transportation systems, from traffic management to smart city lighting. An example of IoT systems that continue to be used for public security purposes can be given as MOBESE security cameras used for city imaging. By using different systems, the IoT system provides a transition to a smarter system. In this process (CCTV) and video management software (VMS) are of great importance. It is difficult to store large-sized videos obtained from smart systems. This happens automatically through IoT. It also hides important events and discards unnecessary, unimportant data from the log and across the network. Thus, it saves space. It performs data extraction work with smart video analysis software.


Today, there are many smart devices that technology offers us. These can become much more flexible with the application of IoT. This service is solution-oriented while reducing the cost.

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